IT infrastructure from the specialists

Server and cloud solutions from INTERSET

Over 6 years of expertise

Proprietary data centers with the highest standards in data protection and state-of-the-art technology.

Setup time: 3 hours

Affordable dedicated cloud resources on Linux or Windows — with optional Plesk and unlimited traffic.

Starting at 12.88 $ /year

Setup time: 2-48 hours

Dedicated servers on 100% enterprise hardware — plus cloud features such as shared storage, backup, and VPS.

Starting at 57 $ /year

Setup time: 3 hours

Cloud Servers

Dedicated and freely scalable cloud resources on Linux or Windows, with root access and by-the-minute billing.

Starting at 10 $ /year

Setup time: 2-48 hours

Enterprise Cloud

Powerful cloud infrastructure — the future-proof and secure solution for your cloud computing applications. Backed by our expertise and know-how.

Starting at 570 $ /year

Setup time: 12-48 hours

Managed Kubernetes

Use our infrastructure for your container workloads — intuitively configure and scale individual Kubernetes — clusters Managed Kubernetes.

Starting at 390 $ /year

Setup time: 2-48 hours

Server Deals

Dedicated hardware in certified data centers that include Plesk, root access, SSL, a firewall, and unlimited traffic — all for a more affordable price.

Starting at 38 $ /year

Coming Soon

S3 Object Storage

Archive and backup company data of any size. The simple, secure and cost-effective way to meet compliance obligations.

Setup time: 2-48 hours

Cloud Apps

You choose your favorite cloud app. We recommend the optimal configuration, and handle the installation. You'll be up and running in minutes.

Data centers and infrastructure

Data centers in five countries

Georedundant infrastructure

Your data is mirrored in two data centers, and is therefore always available.

360 Gbit/s connectivity

Our data centers have multiple redundant fiber optic connections with over 360 Gbit/s and almost 100% uptime.

Thousand servers in operations

Upstream firewalls

To minimize threats and risks, we filter traffic with multiple firewalls.

Daily backups

Regular backups are essential. We ensure that your data is always stored through automatic backups.

Data centers in five countries

Safe place

All your products and data need a safe place to be stored. The INTERSET data centers guarantee maximum availability and are characterized by their strict security and performance.

Certified security

All data centers in Europe are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.

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